Plan Your Visit

The University Museum

The University Museum is recommended especially to high school pupils (14-18 years old), young people, and adults.

1. High school pupils and young people

High school pupils and young people may be interested in the collection of old scientific instruments from the end of the 19th century. At the same time, they are invited to participate in different museum education activities (quizzes, discovery routes, etc.) organized during temporary exhibitions or special events, like the Night of Museums.

2. Adults

Students and adults (especially former graduates of the Cluj University) will discover, depending on the field they have studied, heritage objects and interesting documents: original photos illustrating the visits of Romania's royal family at the Cluj University, the first samples of Doctor Honoris Causa diplomas handed by the Romanian University of Cluj, the Hilger type spectrograph used by Prof. Augustin Maior, specialist in optics and the inventor of multiple telephony, drawings and objects belonging to the geographist Emmanuel de Martonne, one of the founders of the Cluj Geography School.

The Museum of Mineralogy

We recommend visitors to discover the delicate shapes of gold in its native state, or the color variety of chalcedonies and opals. The "mine flowers" (spectacular samples containing gold, telluriums, stibnite, quartz, calcite, etc.) should not be missed; they have brought fame to these regions.

Also, one of the Museum's highlights is the largest fragment of the Mocs meteorite, of over 37 kg, placed on a rack and guarding the glass case, in which there are aligned its numerous smaller "siblings" from Romania and abroad.

For those who appreciate the shine and beauty of a precious stone, the 19th century cabinet hosting over 250 gems of emerald, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, turquoise, granats, or opal, processed by faceting or en cabochon, together with a brilliant cut diamond represent an attraction point.

The Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum can be reached by foot, walking from the city center directly to the Clinicilor Street, no. 5-7, and then climbing to the basis of the Haşdeu Student Complex, where the building of the Biology Faculty is located. The Museum is located on the first floor.