Paleontology-Stratigraphy Museum / Taxonomic Paleontology Collection

The vertebrate collection represents the major attraction due to the fact that in the Museum, there are exposed relics of the famous dinosaur fauna of the Haţeg and the Transylvanian Basins: Struthiosaurus transylvanicus, Magyarosaurus dacus, Zalmoxes robustus, Zalmoxes shqiperorum and also very well preserved dinosaur eggs (Megaloolithus cf. siruguei). In addition, there are exposed ichthyosaurs of the Holzmaden Jurassic (Germany), and well preserved skeletal reminiscences belonging to the largest known mammals: Paraceratherium prohorovi, a giant rhinocerotoid of the Paleogene, and Deinotherium giganteum, an aberrant proboscidean of the Miocene (the ancestor of today's elephants). In the taxonomic collection there is exhibited the entire skeleton of a Pleistocene cave bear (Ursus spelaeus), who impresses the visiting public with its dimensions, as well as reminiscences of rhinoceridae (the fir rhinoceros), sirenidae (sea cows), cervidae (the fossil goat), or proboscideans from Transylvania.