Museum of Mineralogy / Regional Collection of Minerals from Romania

Romania is famous for its abundance in minerals, and mining represents a traditional economic sector. The best-known regions from this point of view and that are richly represented in the exhibition are: the metallogenic province Oaş - Gutăi - Ţibleş, with its center in Baia Mare; the province of the West Carpathians, with its center in Brad (both with deposits of mainly hydrothermal origin), and the Banat province, with its center in Ocna de Fier-Dognecea (with skarn deposits associated with banatitic magmatism). The main mineral occurrences of these provinces are represented by the most characteristic metallic minerals (with economic value) and those of gangue (non-metallic, barren).

Along the mining regions, there are also presented regions, in which minerals are found at the surface, in different types of rocks. For example, there can be seen minerals from the river bottoms in the Sebeş Mountains, fragments of andesite with sulfur crusts and massive sulfur from the Călimani Mountains, or metamorphic minerals from the Făgăraş Mountains. For those who whish to collect minerals and rocks from the surroundings of Cluj (Căpuşu Mic, Aghireş, Sănduleşti, Copăceni-Tureni, etc.), this exhibition can be a source of inspiration.